The Society occasionally publishes other books and booklets, monographs, and maps.  These include:

Greenwood’s Map of the County of Salop, 1827, (printed sheets)

Shrewsbury Abbey, by Nigel Baker (ed.) (2002

Shropshire Field Names, by H.D.G. Foxall, (1980)

The Wealth of Shrewsbury in the Early 14th Century, by Dorothy & Robert Cromarty (eds.) (1993)

The Cartulary of Lilleshall Abbey, by Una Rees (ed.)  (1997)

The Cartulary of Haughmond Abbey, by Una Rees (ed.)  (1985; jointly with University of Wales Press)

Whilst some of these are now out of print, copies are available for sale or for free (with a small charge for postage).  Please contact our Publications Secretary for more details: contact the Publications Secretary.