Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological & Historical Society: In 1877 the Shropshire Archaeological Society was established and combined with the Shropshire Natural History and Antiquarian Society (established 1835) to form the Shropshire Archaeological and Natural History Society.  In November of that year the first volume of their Transactions (Part I, Volume I) was issued, publishing articles on the “Household expenses in a Salopian Manor House, in the days of Queen Bess”, the “Abbey Parish Church Estate, Shrewsbury”, “Notes on Domesday”, “Cheney Longville”, “The name Bridgnorth”, “Lilleshall Church”, the “Filices, Lycopodiaceae, Marsileaceae, and Equisetaceae of Shropshire”, and “Bridgnorth Hermitage”.

Since that first volume appeared, the Society’s “Transactions” has been the chief means whereby important and scholarly papers on the history and archaeology of Shropshire have been published.  Articles include reports on archaeological excavations and other fieldwork in Shropshire, historical studies, and book reviews.

Members receive a copy of the Transactions free on publication (new members receive the latest volume).  A complete run of past Transactions can be viewed at Shropshire Archives.  The Society has now digitised past volumes of its Transactions and these are now available online – please follow this link to see our past Transaction volumes: Past Transactions volumes

If you would like to discuss contributing an article for publication in the Transactions, please contact the Editor and see our notes for contributors: TSAHS notes for contributors.