P. A. Barker, The Medieval Pottery of Shropshire from the Conquest to 1400, 1970.  (80pp).  This booklet looks at the development of pottery types in Shropshire during the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries and compares them with the pottery of adjoining areas.  The catalogue covers all previously unpublished significant pottery finds excavated or examined by the writer, and in particular the pottery finds from his excavations at Hen Domen in Montgomeryshire.

S. A. Jeavons (ed.) Church Plate of the Archdeaconry of Salop, 1964.  (136pp, 28 plates, 3 maps).  In this booklet Jeavons lists and describes 983 pieces of church plate in the Archdeaconry of Salop.  The survey also matches chalices and patens and parts of sets or pairs counted separately, and includes some pewter pieces.

W. J. Slack (ed.), The Lordship of Oswestry, 1393-1607, 1951.  The discovery in 1948 of an Elizabethan Survey of the Lordship of Oswestry, and subsequent research by W. J. Slack and Miss M. C. Hill resulted in the publication in 1951 of The Lordship of Oswestry, 1393-1607.

W. Watkins-Pitchford, The Shropshire Hearth-tax Roll for 1672, 1949.  A hearth tax was a property tax levied on each hearth in a house.  The Shropshire hearth-tax roll for 1672 therefore provides a list of the householders in the county in that year.  The list was edited and prepared for publication by W. Watkins-Pitchford in 1949.

H. E. Forrest (ed.) Shrewsbury Burgess Roll, 1924.  The Shrewsbury Burgess Roll is a list of the Freemen of the Borough of Shrewsbury, alphabetically arranged.  This important contribution to the histories of many families connected with the county is of great value to genealogists and historians.