The Pagett and Betton Funds

The Pagett Fund

The Pagett Fund was set up by the Society using a bequest made by John Pagett to enable the Trustees to make grants to individuals or organisations who are seeking funding to pursue activities which fall into at least one of the following categories:

  1. The advancement of the education of the public in archaeological and historical investigation in Shropshire.
  2. The preservation of antiquities in the county of Shropshire.
The Betton Fund

The Betton Fund was originally established with a view to supporting the publication of Parish Registers in Shropshire and the adjoining counties.  The terms of the Fund have now been amended to support the publication and accessibility of local history resources in Shropshire which would be of direct, or indirect, use to family history.

Applicants should be advised that grants will typically be up to a maximum of £500 though larger sums may be considered subject to the discretion of the Trustees and the availability of funds. Applications can be made at any time.

How to apply for grants from the Pagett or Betton Funds: Pagett and Betton Funds: guidance for applicants

Recent grants: To see some examples of previous grant awards please follow this link: recent grants

If you need more information, please use this form to enquire about applications to the Pagett or Betton Funds: Grant fund enquiries