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The Society is the only institution which regularly publishes the result of research into the whole county’s past. Members automatically receive:
1. Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological and Historical Society
2. Shrophire Archaeology and History Newsletter
New members receive the latest edition of the Transactions and Newsletter.

Vol 78 Wroxeter Transactions 

Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological and Historical Society:  Since the first volume appeared in 1878 this has been the chief means whereby important and scholarly papers on the history and archaeology of Shropshire have been published.  A complete run of past Transactions can be viewed at Shropshire Archives.  If you wish to discuss contributing an article for publication in the Transactions, please contact the Hon. Editor and see our notes for contributors: TSAHS notes for contributors.  The Society is in the process of digitising past volumes of its Transactions with the aim of making these available online.

Shrophire Archaeology and History Newsletter:  This contains summaries of recent work and discoveries and other matters of local archaeological and historical interest. To find out more and to see our past Newsletters, please follow the link here: Shropshire Newsletter.  If you have an article or item of news that you’d like to submit, please contact the editor at: shropshirenewsletter@gmail.com

Parish Registers:  Publication of Parish Registers has now been resumed. A small stock of the earlier printed registers is still available.

Shrewsbury Abbey 

Society publications for sale:  A number of the Society’s publications are available for sale or for free (with a small charge for postage).  These include copies of some past Transactions and Parish Registers, monographs including Nigel Baker’s study of the archaeology and history of Shrewsbury Abbey, and books such as H D G Foxall’s fascinating guide to “Shropshire Field-Names” or D & R Cromarty’s “The Wealth of Shrewsbury”.  The Shropshire Archaeological and Historical Society has reprinted Greenwood’s 1827 Map of the County Greenwoods 1827 map.  Please contact the Hon. Publications Secretary for more details.  (Proceeds from sales will be used to finance further publications.)

Our library:  The Society’s reference library, which is available to all members is at Shropshire Archives, Castle Gates, Shrewsbury. It contains a large number of transcribed and microfilmed parish registers. The transactions or proceedings of some national and neighbouring local archaeological and historical societies are currently received.