Baker (ed.), Shrewsbury Abbey. Studies in the Archaeology and History of an Urban Abbey, 2002, ISBN 0 9501227 7 7. 237 pp.  After the introductory chapter giving the historical, archaeological, and physical background, there follow two chapters on the surviving remains. Part 2, covering chapters 4 to 10, contains detailed accounts of the excavations undertaken between 1985 and 1988 on the Queen Anne House site, including important technical reports. Chapter 10 covers the Abbey Mill site excavations between 1986 and 1988. Part 3, ‘Synthesis, Discussion, and Conclusions’, contains chapters on ‘The changing precinct’, ‘The Abbey and its suburb’, and ‘The Abbey and the town’. This was an important undertaking, aiming to use an opportunity to excavate part of a site, which until then had remained buried by industrial development, and then to relate the findings to what was still standing, and the history of the Abbey and the suburb in which it stands.