Raven Meadows film launched

A film revealing the fascinating history of one of Shrewsbury’s lesser-known areas has been created by the teams at Shropshire Museums & Archives. The film uses original archive material held in the collections of Shropshire Museums & Archives.

No area of Shrewsbury town centre has seen such great change over such a short period of time as the area between the main shopping streets and the River Severn.

It is an area seemingly poised for the biggest changes in its history, but this is a place where big changes have been happening for the last 150 years. So, here’s a chance to find out more about the rapidly changing look and feel of Raven Meadows in a fascinating new video collaboration between Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery, Shropshire Archives and the Old Market Hall. In the 40-minute video, you are taken on around the perimeter of Raven Meadows down Meadow Place, along Smithfield Road, up Roushill and along the backs of Pride Hill and Castle Street before plunging into the ever-changing area in the middle. Find out about the homes of medieval merchants, Roushill’s colourful past and the lofty but doomed ambitions of 1960s architects, all richly illustrated with old images from the collections of Shropshire Museums and Shropshire Archives. (Nat Stevenson, Shropshire Archives)

The film can be seen by following this link: “Shrewsbury’s Field of Dreams” film