Saturday 9th July 2022 – ‘Poets, artists, and writers at Wroxeter’

Saturday 9th July 2022 – ‘Poets, artists, and writers at Wroxeter’
Led by Roger White, this will be a guided tour of Wroxeter from the perspective of the poets, artists and writers who have been inspired by the site from the time of its first excavations in 1859. The route will take us from the main public site, across to the forum and then down to the village where the artist Tom Prytherch lived and worked. It will be an opportunity to see the site from a different perspective, and perhaps think about how changes in how the site is managed might once again inspire artistic endeavour at Wroxeter. The tour will be led by Roger White, who has just completed a book on this subject entitled ‘Ashes Under Uricon’. Meet at 2pm at the Wroxeter Roman site car park.